verb “to grow or develop in a healthy or vigorous way, especially as the result of a particularly favorable environment”

<DERIVATIVES> fleurisher noun

<ORIGIN> Middle English from Old French floriss – , lengthened stem of florir, based on Latin florer, ‘a flower’. The noun senses ‘ornamental curve’ and ‘florid expression’ from an obsolete sense of the verb, ‘adorn’ (originally from flowers).”  ~Definitions were reviewed and compiled from a variety of dictionaries 

Such was the inspiration to Carolyn Butera, the wife of Vince Butera, as they vacationed together on an island in Maine during the summer of 2011. The meaning of this single word, “fleurish” would be lived out in a multitude of ways as they journeyed together with their family and staff to the next season of BUTERA THE FLORIST. You can enjoy the fruits of that adventure in their new locations in Downtown York!  There is still more to come, so stay tuned as the next layers of this beautifully knit together vision become reality.  




BTF Open Studio & Store, BTF Weddings & Events 

Location: 313 East Market Street, York PA 17403

  • Purchased and restored a neglected circa 1860 jewel to historic and city specifications
  • Intentional use of space to match BTF Brand and new business strategy after 34 years serving central PA
  • Restoration complete and doors open to public on January 6, 2014, just four months after purchase
  • Community events held in new location with hundreds of people in attendance
  • Located next to Renaissance Bridals
  • Elegant Parlor for Wedding & Event Planning
  • Store & Studio Open to the public Monday – Friday, 10 am – 5 pm and by appointment
  • Free Customer Parking located behind the Studio




“The Fleurish Fund”

  • Fund established to continue BTF’s long standing tradition of supporting non-profit organizations.


“Fleurish York! Walking Tour”

  • Anticipated for future, by BUTERA THE FLORIST


  • There’s more, but we’ll save that for another day!