Wedding Trends 2013 Glamour

Our third trend  in wedding styles this year on the BTF forecast is Glamour. We’re talking warm metallics, glam blooms and a lot of shimmer. 

Glamorous wedding bouquet including shimmery metallics

Glamorous wedding bouquet including shimmery metallics

This look is styled with elegant blooms, like callas and roses. (Did you notice Lady Edith’s wedding bouquet on Downton Abbey? Simplicity and elegance: long white callas.) Silvery tones are on the way out and gold is coming in; look for platinum as the bridge. 

Glamorous monofloral bouquet featuring white calla and sparkling gems

Glamorous monofloral bouquet featuring white calla and sparkling gems Vincenzo Butera AAF, AIFD, PFCI explains, “This is a style we’ve recently introduced as Hollywood Glam, and it’s played out with glitz, gems, fur and feathers. But it’s still a refined look, with classy florals and an upscale mood. When you have the right venue, this style is a knockout.”

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Wedding Trends 2013 New Victorian/Steam Punk

Our second 2013 wedding trend is New Victorian/Steam Punk. This is where pretty gets a little edgy. A little retro-futuristic. Also known as The Second English Renaissance, New Victorian reflects the original era’s fascination with horticultural specimens and mechanical invention. Fusing romance with an industrial look spawns a style that’s been coined “Steam Punk”. 

Steam Punk wedding bouquet

Steam Punk wedding bouquet

Since the Victorian era was the height of the British industrial revolution, this makes sense. Also connected with this style, you might spot ravens (especially around Baltimore, home of the popular football team and Edgar Allen Poe, author of the dark poem, “The Raven”), elaborate gadgets, antique typewriters, and elements mirroring the hats and lace sleeves Lady Mary Crawley of Downton Abbey wears. Think Hugo, The Golden Compass and Sherlock Holmes.

“As we interpret this look in florals,” says Vincenzo, “look for touches of metal, with rugged containers, and lots of texture. The Victorians were a curious lot, so you’ll also see centerpieces taking the shape of glass-enclosed pieces with specimen flowers, such as a bird cage or a miniature conservatory.”


Wedding Trends 2013 What’s Hot and What’s Not

As the region’s wedding specialists, Vincenzo Butera AAF, AIFD, PFCI of Butera The Florist announces the up and coming styles for 2013. Our blog series introduces seven of the hottest fashions, with sequel blogs unpacking each look. custom made colorful bouquets

You’ll see a lot of “Downton Abbey” elements as this popular show continues to whet our appetites for all things British. Other influences include glitter and industrial glam. New takes on cascading waterfall bouquets are definitely in. What matters most, though, Vincenzo reminds us, is discovering the bride’s own style:  “These looks are all popular, but they are not all for everyone.” 

Counting down, we have:

7. Eco-Chic—succulents, artichokes, woodland fusion

Eco-chic bridal bouquet

6. Greens—the color green is hot and heading toward aqua

5. Classic Elegance—a subtle, tailored look with neo-waterfall bouquets

stunning waterfall bouquet featuring coral peony

stunning waterfall bouquet featuring coral peony

4. Deep Jewel Tones—dramatic hues with gems and jade accents

Calla, roses and orchids

Calla, roses and orchids

3. Glamour—warm metallics and elegant blooms

peony and rose bouquet with warm mettalics

2. New Victorian/Steam Punk—think “Hugo” and gothic machinery


1. Beauty & Romance—lace, femininity, and the softer side of New Victorian

hand held bouquet of fresh flowers and feathers

“Our job as wedding stylists,” says Vincenzo, “is to extract from each client who she is and what she is all about and what she wants to project on her wedding day. We guide brides through a series of decisions that will create the style that suits them personally.”

On the Horizon

As hired “pickers” scour the U.K, Belgium and France for antique items, these are showing up in home décor, and we’ll be interpreting these in florals. Watch for a future blog about the Euro Countryside look that’s heading our way.

Fading Looks

On the wane are racier bridal gowns (we’re getting a bit more modest) and the sustainable emphasis on the eco style. The current eco look is all about natural texture and a woodsy feel. “Big and bushy” florals are out, and bright jelly bean colors seem to have run their course. Overall, we are seeing more refined looks dominating on the wedding style scene.

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Vince live on Fox43 tv

Vince’s appearance on Fox 43 TV December 10 went so well the station wants him to return as a guest in the Spring. As he was interviewed by Kiersten Mathieu, Vince showcased the work of the design team at Butera the Florist interpreting the latest style trends:

On the set of Fox43 morning news

Steam Punk – a cool industrial/feminine look with lace & corrugated zinc set off by peonies, artichoke, Copper tubing, and an eye-popping gloriosa lily.

New Victorian – intriguing florals under a glass conservatory, reflecting the Victorian era’s curiosity for science, nature, and ornamentation. Featured florals were Peony, Roses, pine.

Simple Eco Loft – stunning orchid specimens with a very clean, ecological look: cymbidium, dendrobium and phalaenopsis examples in clear glass with river stones or green glass beads

Hollywood Glam – a striking winter tablescape featuring lilies, bells of Ireland, stars of Bethlehem, peonies, fragrant stock and crystals nestled in an armature of painted white birch and glittery permanent botanicals

The finale to the Morning News segment was a nod to winter entertaining, with the host and Vince offering a toast with Butera the Florist’s hot new floral accessory: the Fleurtini.


Butera to Present at AIFD 2012 Symposium

The American Institute of Floral Design (AIFD) hosts its annual symposium in Miami this week. This year’s symposium name, “Caliente,” matches the time of year well, especially with the recent heat waves experienced along the east coast.

Butera The Florist’s owner and lead designer, Vince Butera, is heading to the Symposium to speak and present fresh, unique designs to a large, diverse group of people within the floral design industry.

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Weddings 2012!

Check out the January issue of Lancaster County Magazine. The cover is a bride holding a floral parasol we created from orchids.

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Community Partnerships

As for the past number of years, Butera The Florist is the Official Florist of the York Symphony Orchestra. We heartily support the Symphony in their efforts to bring beautiful classical music the the live stage. In addition to filling thier floral needs during concerts, Butera The Florist is a major contributor to their annual fundraising gala, which is co-organized with the York County Literacy Council. This years “Swing Into Literacy” gala was held September 18, and was a record setting fund raiser for their partnership. In addition to fresh flower table designs, Butera The Florist contributed a major item to the live auction…”evening with the florist” live design program AND “flowers for a year”.

We look forward to many years supporting the York Symphony. Check them out at

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