Custom Made to Order Winter Arrangement; Stylish


Created by our floral artisans for your order with this weeks choice blooms.



Stylish designs are striking and artistic, sometimes with strong lines and bold combinations. The winter design will feature seasonal greens and accents. 

Sizing chart is as follows:

  • Petite is appropriate for a small desk
  • Modest is appropriate for a small side table or desk
  • Classic is appropriate for a medium side table, medium desk or small dining table
  • Moderate is appropriate for a side table or small dining table
  • Large is appropriate for a dining table, side board, business or sympathy tribute
  • Grand is appropriate for a large table, business or sympathy tribute

Order online and we will create a design for you, or phone our studio to speak with a BTF Floral Artisan to discuss your specific ideas.

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Stylish, Modest, Petite, Moderate, Large, Grand


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